Letters to the Editor for July 19, 2018

Club’s proposal to buy Camas pool is ‘win-win’

It was great to see such a timely potential solution proposed by Lacamas Athletic Club (manager Nathan Murphy-General) in the July 5 Post-Record. This solution would alleviate the city of Camas from the seasonal responsibility of this facility and allow it to be assumed by a private organization that has a well-established track of providing this service to the community. As a community member, I like the idea of services being maintained (potentially even year-round), tax liability reduced and eliminating the need for a replacement facility that is currently being considered. A previous article in The Post-Record cited this cost of a comprehensive facility to be $.75 per $1,000 accessed home value. With the average price of a home in Camas at $460,700 (index price on Zillow) that means a potential tax of $346 per household per year. Considering the services and cost, I hope that the positive initial discussions between Lacamas Athletic Club and the city of Camas translate into a win-win agreement.

Tim Hein, Camas

Police need to patrol Sandy Swimming Hole

I live by the Sandy Swimming Hole on Shepherd Road. Over the weekend, on Saturday, there were quite a few people out of control because of alcohol consumption. One party of about 12 set-up camp and pretty much had a drink in their hands all day long and into the night. They were playing music so loud and with all the “f-bombs,” it made for a very unpleasant day. Why doesn’t Camas police ever come down to the park to see what people and their dogs are doing? Dogs are supposed to be on a leash, and very few people obey that law. Dogs are also not supposed to be swimming at this park, but is it never enforced. Wake up, Camas police. Things are out of control at the Sandy Swimming Hole! [Editor’s Note: The Sandy Swimming Hole, located at 550 N. Shepherd Road, Washougal, is a city of Washougal park and under the purview of the Washougal Police Department.]

Mark Dossey, Washougal

Long would ‘amplify the voices of average Americans’

It is time to replace our selectively responsive representative in Washington’s 3rd Congressional District.

Carolyn Long will work to fix our health care system, not play politics with something so basic to every American’s well-being. She is committed to campaign finance reform in order to amplify the voices of average Americans, not just the wealthy and big corporations. Her knowledge and experience working as an educator, listening and guiding students through the intricacies of constitutional law, would be an asset as she represents us in Washington [D.C.].

I will be voting for Carolyn Long in the primary election on Aug. 7. If you are undecided, plan to attend one of her town hall meetings and ask your own questions.

Marta Franklin, Vancouver

Care about children’s health, envionment? Vote McDevitt

David McDevitt, Democrat running for Congress, is a champion for clean air and clean water.

He loves Our Mother Earth. David knows, “There is no Planet B.”

McDevitt has volunteered his time over the past few years to be actively involved with protecting our water, as a clean water commissioner.

In addition, he has personally testified multiple times against proposed fossil fuel projects: the Tesoro Oil terminal in Vancouver, the coal terminal in Longview, and the methanol plant in Kalama.

McDevitt cares.

If you’re concerned about your children’s health and well-being, David is your man.

After all, if we don’t have our health, then what?

Sherry Davis, Longview, Washington

Elect Democrats to counteract terrorism

So the [National Rifle Association] and its Republican puppets, such as Cathy McMorris Rodgers, think the best way of counteracting terrorism, including school shootings, is improving mental health conditions rather than limiting gun availability?

Then I can’t think of any better way of breeding terrorists who want to strike back at the U.S. than inflicting huge trauma on children by forcible separation from their parents.

To get action for both improved mental health conditions and limited availability of military-style assault weapons, we need to replace our four Washington State Republican U.S. representatives with Democrats.

Norm Luther, Spokane, Washington

Separation of families at border ‘blatantly and grotesquely politicized’

I want to address the July 5 copy of The Post-Record — you know, the one with the cover [photo showing a pro-immigrant march participant with a sign reading, “We Will Resist Trump’s Hate”]. I will start by asking and answering a question: Why is it easy for some people to appear unsympathetic to kids being separated from their parents at the border? Because this issue has been blatantly and grotesquely politicized. I think the curtain has been lifted and Dorothy’s wizard has been exposed as more and more people are aware of this. People are aware that politicians with the help of The Post-Record and most all major media outlets 24/7 have shamelessly offered an endless barrage of personal attacks on President Donald Trump.

Personal attacks are not new in politics, in fact, this is a real political strategy usually used by the party out of power and ideas to gain momentum to cash in on votes especially when elections are looming. Trump has become a rallying point for politicians to capture votes. The campaign messaging goes like this: My opponent voted for Trump! Yuck! Vote for me. The strategy is two fold: The ad hominum [sic] attacks on Trump (hater, racist, fascist) have been tirelessly and shamelessly utilized since before … he was even elected!?! And in the case of the border issue, we are subjected to the ad misericordiam appeal to the emotions (you know this one: poor kids, help the kids, etc.) These strategies disrespect human intellect and are a scourge on our society as they only help the politicians — not kids — as they divide people — keep people fighting with each other as they hold their power and pillage for their special interest groups. Also it allows them to easily assess where their votes come from — race, gender, class, etc.

If politicians were serious about problems on the southern border being that this issue has been a political football for decades, then you would think we’d have solutions by now. But today, we only get the latest spin on the issue with no real solutions offered. There is no will on Capital Hill [sic] to fix anything on the border, but it does serve the politicians just fine for reasons stated above.

The facts: President Trump only wants to protect us from criminals coming across the border, and for that, the honest reporting on this issue should only critique Trump’s effort and plan to accomplish his repeatedly stated goal. The Post-Record and the rest of media should leave the ad hominum [sic] attacks and appeal to the emotions for the tabloids, otherwise they should be rightfully labeled not “the enemy of the people” but politically weaponized instruments for politicians and their nefarious goals.

DISCLAIMER: I did not vote for Trump. Trump to me is not a statesman and does not have a firm grasp of what ills this country. Trump has good ideas and bad ideas, yet ideas are what civilized people address in order to find solutions to our many problems. Hate, division, manipulation of emotions be damned — we would be all better off once this is eliminated from media sources let alone political discourse.

Frank Alonzo, Camas