Letter to the Editor for March 15, 2018

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Letter, post-Parkland news inspires reader to buy NRA memberships

I want to express my appreciation to the author of the letter entitled “With ‘A’ grade from NRA, Herrera Beutler ‘complicit’ to shootings” (March 1, 2018 Post-Record).

I knew that the Representative was well-scored by the (National Rifle Association) NRA, but I did not know she had scored so poorly on two Brady Campaign gun control measures.

The letter author also pointed out that Representative Beutler showed “a lack of action on any semblance of legislation to stop gun violence …” which is a concern I share as well. Even though school security is a state and local responsibility, I would welcome any action Representative Beutler might take or propose that would somehow increase the level of security at our schools.

I should confess that the author of the letter did provide the last little nudge I needed to reach a decision I’ve mulled over since the Parkland, Florida, tragedy, and the news stories that unfolded after. Many of them accused the NRA organization, and by inference the NRA membership personally, as complicit in the actions of the shooter. Representative Beutler was smeared in the (March 1) letter by an author using the same dishonest tactic.

For these reasons, and others, I’m going to shake the piggy bank, and purchase NRA memberships for my daughter, my granddaughters, my son and my wife. Only five more added to the more than five million already there, but every little bit helps.

Lee Howard, Washougal

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