Washougal School District, union approve bargaining agreement

New contract gives 9.6-percent salary increase to most classified staff

The Washougal School District Board of Directors has approved a one-year agreement between the Washougal chapter of the Public School Employees (PSE) association and Washougal School District (WSD).

The PSE association covers most classified positions including custodians, bus drivers, secretaries and staff assistants.

The agreement modifies the employees’ 2017-19 contract, which included a re-opener clause for salaries in 2018. The district will provide salary increases of 9.6 percent for most job classifications, with additional higher adjustments to some job titles to bring those to a median level of compensation with comparable positions in other districts.

The salary schedule will be published to the district website once changes are incorporated into the master agreement.

Negotiations on the salary adjustments began in May, with the two parties meeting in nine sessions through September, when the tentative agreement was reached. Members of PSE voted to ratify the contract on Oct. 18.

“I would like to express my appreciation to the PSE bargaining team for their engagement in complex discussions that led to mutual understanding and ultimately to agreement,” WSD Human Resources Director Marian Young said.