Letters to the Editor for July 11, 2019

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Like Washougal, Camas should rethink fireworks

Camas should ban aerial and rocket fireworks. Camas should follow Washougal’s strong stands against these types of fireworks.

Private or personal fireworks must be banned completely. Residential areas should be free of fireworks due to fear of fire and stresses cause by loud bangs that go on for hours. People should go to designated places like Washougal Waterfront Park to watch fireworks there.

Malia Nelson,


Paper-cutting show at Second Story Gallery impresses visitor

I went to First Friday in Camas this past Friday and had a great time. Lots of great things for kids of all ages to participate in and it seemed to be a major success.

The part I enjoyed most was the fabulous art show in the library’s second floor gallery. The artists, Levi Greenacres and Muriel Wheatley, are so talented. They do papercutting and have taken it to a whole other level. This was not our grandma’s black-paper silhouettes or a string of hearts or snowflakes; these were beautifully designed and intricately cut out pictures of birds, women and animals that made you stop and marvel at the skill and time involved to create just one. And the details on each picture were amazing.

Kudos to the artists for bringing something fresh to the venue and to the library for recognizing their talents and showcasing them in a great place. Since their show runs through July 27, I am definitely going back and taking my friends and family.

Gretchen Bryan,


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