Letters to the Editor for Oct. 3, 2019

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Camas community center ‘something to build our future around’

I am writing in support of Proposition 2 for the Camas Community Aquatics Center and Sports Fields Upgrades.

The aquatics center will deliver the specific features and programs that have been requested by Camas residents for nearly two decades. The center will include a competitive and recreational pool, multi-use gymnasium, indoor track, workout facilities, community rooms and a child-watch area. This site will offer something for everyone.

The field upgrades will allow year-round, all-weather use and lead to increased participation in outdoor sports and activities. The lack of gymnasium and field availability has long been a challenge for our community.

By approving this bond, we will be providing our children and the community as a whole increased opportunities to be more active and social. This is something to build our future around. This is an opportunity to invest in our children, invest in our community and invest in our future.

These are the reasons why I am voting “yes” on Proposition 2.

Doug Speas,


Time to take ‘healthy risk’ on community center and pool

Here we go again. Over the past 20 to 25 years, we have had survey after survey and debate after debate on building a new community center and pool.

It’s time we come together as a community and build a nice community center and pool. What are some of the potential benefits? 1.) Our own local schools could use the facility for their swim teams and classes. 2.) All households could benefit, no matter the income. 3.) Having a pool and facility that is open 12 months a year, in a high precipitation environment, allows and encourages healthy activities in our own community. Accessibility, cost and convenience are important factors in encouraging healthy families. 4.) If we do it right this time, we can decrease the redundancy of “fixing” problems every year and keep funds locally at the same time. 5.) As a long-term taxpayer, I’d like to see our funds improve the health of all ages, including our elderly population, which has supported our community faithfully.

Do you realize the old Camas pool only operated most summers about two and a half months out of the year? We need an indoor pool so it can be used year-round. Add a party room that can be rented or where a class can be taught. I know this sounds expensive, but if we’re going to do it at all, let’s do it right. Look at Firstenburg Community Center and what they provide to Clark County. It would be interesting to survey Camas to see how many families are going there and supporting that facility. I think it’s time to take a “healthy” risk.

Come on Camas, let’s work together on this and provide our wonderful community with a special facility that meets the needs of all community members and embraces health year-round. I support Proposition 2.

Virginia Warren,


Keep other athletics in mind when voting on community- aquatics center

My name is Grace Benjamin, and I am a student at Camas High School. It just so happens that I am also a swimmer.

Over the last couple months, the idea of a new community center, as well as a pool, have been brought to the attention of the residents of Camas. For swimmers and young athletes, the need for a place to work out close to home has been a challenge for years.

I am not writing to try to convert those “no” votes to “yes” votes. I respect your opinions as I hope you respect mine. I am simply writing to inform my fellow Camasonians on a younger point of view. I know that, at age 17, I do not understand how the world truly works or how you must feel when you hear that property taxes could possibly be raised due to the building of this center. What I hope that adults realize is that they are not just opposing a pool, they are opposing the building of many sports centers that help build the athletes that participate in sports people come out to support. The pool is simply an added bonus.

I often notice that people have signs in their front yards screaming, “Say ‘no’ to the pool!” I don’t notice people opposing the indoor track, workout facility or gymnasium that are included in the overall price. All these things are beneficial for the athletes of our community. I am aware that I will never reap the benefits of the community center. I will never be able to swim a dual meet in the Camas pool while representing my high school. I may not be able to enjoy this facility, but future generations will. Most high school students will become college students and then go onto to be married with children. And we may possibly decide to come back to Camas because we enjoyed growing up in a small-town environment. With a community center like this, I can see me, and many of my friends, coming back to Camas to raise our families. Without it, I can’t be as sure.

I know I may show some bias because I am a swimmer. However, I have not been (a swimmer) for long. I have participated in most of the sports that the community center will have to offer. All of them have benefited my life outside of athletics and I hope that my future children could possibly enjoy the same experience. Sports introduced me to new people when I moved to Washington in the sixth grade. Swimming gave me a strong work ethic along with role models and lessons that I can take with me throughout life. Golf helped me grow stronger mentally and introduced me to some of my best friends. Ask any athlete and they’ll tell you a story similar to mine.

When you vote “yes” on the ballot, you aren’t just saying yes to a community center, you are giving athletes of all ages this same opportunity. I wish I was able to vote, but since I’m not, I hope you keep this in mind when you decide “yes” or “no.”

Grace Benjamin,


‘Build it and see’ not a great solution

(Regarding Camas Mayor Shannon Turk’s comments at the recent State of the Community address:) Where have I heard, “Let’s pass it then we can find out what’s in it” before?

A roundabout that will cause a lot of congestion and a poorly designed community center in a bad location in the same area? What could go wrong?

Ken Butterfield,


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