Letters to the Editor for Aug. 20, 2020

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Choice in November: ‘die on the job or die during retirement’

President Trump is now promising to completely eliminate the payroll tax, which funds social security and medicare, if reelected.

U.S. Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler, who voted for Paul Ryan in 2016, now says she totally supports the president in 2020.

If being carried from your job in a body bag at 89 years old doesn’t sound so good, those supporting President Trump and Herrera Beutler might want to rethink their votes in favor of Joe Biden and Carolyn Long.

The choice is now yours: die while on the job or die during retirement.

Don Howard,


Newer, at-home method also treats vertigo

The article about the debilitating (but benign) vertigo (published in the Aug. 13, 2020 Post-Record) was very interesting.

The methods of manipulating a person’s head to “clear” the vertigo for BPPV are varied. The Epley maneuver is one that has been used for many years.

However, a newer method, which many people can do on their own at home, discovered by Dr. Carol Foster, called the “Half Somersault Treatment” is much more gentle and often can be performed by sufferers at home on their own. For more information on this method, visit

Barb Rider,


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