Letters to Editor for Oct. 1, 2020

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Is Herrera Beutler really who we want representing us?

Apparently, United States Representative Jaime Herrera Beuter, who voted for Paul Ryan in the 2016 presidential primaries, now seems impressed with President Trump, enough to support him in 2020.

Does this mean she approves of separating children from parents and putting them in cages at the border? Does this mean it’s OK for the Russians to put bounties on American troops and interfere in American elections while Trump sticks up publically for Putin over our own intelligence agencies? Does this mean withholding virus information, putting Americans at risk of death, is OK? Does this mean that Trump’s description of Marines killed as “losers and suckers” is appropriate? Does this mean it’s OK to ridicule Gold Star families and war hero John McCain? Does this mean it’s OK to cheat on income taxes?

Is Herrera Beutler really who we want representing us?

Don Howard,


Hendricks best choice for Skamania County Commission

I have been a Skamania County resident since 2001. I am writing in support of Paul Hendricks for County Commissioner District 2.

I am not a political-party type person. My belief is that each issue is unique, and that it is important to gather facts, hear ideas, discuss those approaches and then make a consensus or at least a compromise decision. Dividing into “sides” that lead to reactionary positions creates more problems than it solves.

The reason why I support Paul is that his decision-making style makes sense. I have known him personally for a long time and he is reflective, rational and able to listen to different opinions. He is fact-based driven. He can compromise and build consensus. Given our political climate, he is the kind of level-headed person we need in office.

Janet Campbell,

Skamania County

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