Letters to the Editor for Oct. 15, 2020

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Vote yes on Washougal’s Prop 9

To my friends in Washougal: with the next big election coming up you will see a Proposition 9 that you will be asked to vote upon. This is very Important for all of you in Washougal. If you want to have the ability to vote for the mayor of Washougal, you want — you need — to vote YES on Prop 9. If you do not, you will NOT have the ability to vote for your own mayor. Only the existing Council members will have this right.

Keep your right to vote for your own mayor of Washougal intact. Why give up your right and simply hand that decision over to the existing city council? Don’t you believe your ideas of who should be our mayor are just as valid as the sitting members of the Washougal City Council?

I believe mine do.

Mike Briggs,


Re-elect Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler

Republican Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (reprenting Washignton’s 3rd Congressional District) has continued to be extremely effective as our representative in representing small businesses, military vets and those looking for employment and families in Southwest Washington.

We need more people in Congress that truly care about the people they represent and work on meaningful legislation, like our congresswomen, Jamie Herrera Beutler.

Herrera Beutler was ranked by Vanderbilt University’s nonpartisan Center for Effective Lawmaking as the most effective legislator in Washington state throughout the last two years. This is based on her ability to work with her colleagues and get legislation across the finish line.

Recently, Herrera Beutler reached across the aisle to pass legislation to cut the cost of prescription drugs. As a result, Big Pharma ran attack ads against her – but Herrera Beutler is going to keep standing up to the drug companies to make prescription drugs more affordable.

Her bipartisan ACE Kids Act that was passed and signed into law by President Donald Trump, makes it easier for children on Medicaid with medically complex conditions to access high quality health care services across state lines. As a result of ushering in this monumental legislation, Herrera Beutler received the “Champion for Children’s Health” award from the Children’s Hospital Association.

Herrera Beutler helped introduce the Continuing Coverage for Preexisting Conditions Act of 2019, which would ensure people with preexisting conditions are guaranteed health care coverage, regardless of the outcome of ongoing litigation related to the Affordable Care Act.

Herrera Beutler will keep working in the best interests of Southwest Washington to lower the cost of prescription drugs and make health care more accessible and affordable.

Carl Keels,


Hendricks best choice for Skamania County Commission

Paul Hendricks (who is running in the November general election to represent Skamania County’s Board of Commissioners, District 2) has spent a significant time as a public servant in this community. He has lived and worked in this area for over a decade. Throughout his time living here, he has seen a need for change.

Environmental management and economy are two of Paul’s passions, he has received a master’s degree and bachelor’s degree, respectively. On his own accord he researched and wrote a application to Brownfield Assessment Grant to request funding for environmental concerns in Stevenson. Due to the acceptance of this grant, the community was able to receive funding for cleanup near the Rock Cove Assisted Living facility. In the end, the grant was extended to all county owned surplus property.

During my time in Stevenson, I have heard so much about Paul. He works with his hands in his home, on projects with friends, and is a great guitar teacher. He is patient, kind and quite passionate about certain subjects and is willing to hear you out. Not only is he easy to talk to, he listens with intent and understands the needs and wants of his friends and community members.

Paul Hendricks has made an impact by serving on a number of boards. Currently he serves as a Stevenson City Council member. When ideas and information are presented to him, I know he thinks about them from all different angles and evaluates the impact it may have on everyone. Paul is not afraid to change his mind.

To me, all of the above and more makes Paul Hendricks a great candidate for Skamania County Commissioner, District 2. He has my vote!

Sofia Urrutia-Lopez,


Paul Hendricks a ‘creative mind for changing times’

Paul Hendricks is a highly qualified public servant with a great vision of where Skamania County can go in the next decade. More importantly, he is a great communicator and listener, which is of utmost importance for Skamania County. For numerous reasons, I am happy to support Paul Hendricks in his bid to become a Skamania County Commissioner (representing) District 2.

First, Paul has all the credentials and experience to be an excellent commissioner. He has been on boards with Stevenson City Council, Skamania County Chamber of Commerce, Stevenson Planning Commission, Skamania County Planning Commission and Skamania County Economic Development. Experience does count, and it goes a long way! Secondly, he has all the proper education and foundation to be a great public servant, including a master’s degree in environmental management, bachelor’s degrees in economics, environmental science and social science, and an associate degree in business administration.

Paul is also a veteran, which indicates that he has a passion for public service, and he has sacrificed himself for the country, therefore, he is going to give his all for our Skamania County. Furthermore, He is a creative thinker and remains extraordinarily calm in stressful situations.

My family and I have had the honor of knowing Paul and his wonderful family for many years. He understands the problems and challenges regarding the inevitable changes and growth Skamania County is facing at this moment.

In summary, he is highly qualified for this job, a great visionary, a skilled communicator and listener. Paul Hendricks is the one candidate who has the creativity, fortitude and skill to make positive changes.

Please vote for Paul!

Jim Petrusich,


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