Letters to Editor for Nov. 25, 2021

Allowing offensive ‘FJB’ sign in Camas roundabout could hurt local businesses

I have lived in Camas for 18 years and admire and enjoy the small town community it has to offer.

Throughout the years, I have noticed many changes in businesses in the downtown area due to the lack of people traffic and failed business models. In the last year and a half, the pandemic has caused the existing businesses to suffer and strive to survive.

People come to this town for that small town experience in a lovely setting, and now business is picking up.

I noticed a sign that was posted by someone at our traffic circle in the front of our town. The person who placed this sign, “FJB,” is making an childish statement that actually is obscene and offensive to many people in this community who know what that means.

Our local businesses should be alarmed as this sign of ignorance reflects on our town and the businesses that are here. What message are we sending to visitors to Camas? People who are offended by this sign will leave with an opinion of us that might not be correct.

Since now we are being inundated with candidate signs, what do you think might be next? Shall we make the traffic circle a political arena for any one to put up a sign even if people don’t like it? Camas police say it’s OK. Under the guise of the First Amendment, it gives license for Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Patriot Prayer, Proud Boys, etc. to place their signs there as well.

What will future tourists to this town think? And will they come back?

Phillip R. Haueter,