Letters to Editor for Oct. 14, 2021

Hogan has ‘key qualities’ of successful mayor

In my professional life, I have fortunately been involved in local government for many years. Working with elected officials, and especially mayors, hallmarks of success stand out. Here are four key qualities of a successful mayor:

1. Successful mayors are devoted to the interests and future of the community and its citizens. That is the focus and dedication of outstanding and “high achieving” leaders. The phrases, “It’s about we, not me” and “service above self” guide them.

2. They are successful positive people. In their work, business, and community life, they accomplish goals, and have good, lasting results to show for their efforts.

3. Outstanding leaders are good partners. They cooperate, lead, and build consensus.

4. Successful mayors earn, build and deserve trust. They have a good moral compass and believe the saying, “In public life, trust is the coin of the realm.”

As Camas faces the future and chooses a mayor, these key qualities are worthy of consideration.

I have known Steve Hogan for two decades. The community knows him. He has the key qualities of a successful mayor.

Lloyd Halverson,



Re-elect Cox, McEnry to Camas School Board

I urge voters to re-elect Erika Cox and Corey McEnry for the Camas School Board. They have the experience and leadership needed to ensure that Camas remains a top school district in the state of Washington.

Erika has a long history in Camas of working tirelessly as a volunteer on behalf of students and our community. She is committed to honest, transparent communication and ensuring that all students have equal opportunities.

Corey is a lifelong Camas resident and an inspiring educator who is dedicated to public education. As a school director he believes in using the latest research and data to improve teaching so that every student can succeed.

It has never been more important to have solid, experienced leaders guiding Camas schools. In my 18 years as a special educator in Clark County, I’ve never seen a more challenging time for our students and families. Over the past year, Corey and Erika worked tirelessly to provide a safe and inclusive learning environment for Camas students. They listened to health experts to keep students safe and also maximized in-person learning. The effects of the pandemic will continue to impact students and we continue to need Corey and Erika guiding our schools.

Vote for strong leaders who will keep Camas among Washington’s top-rated districts – vote for Corey McEnry and Erika Cox.

Geni Donaghey,