Letters to Editor for Sept. 16, 2021

9/11 remembrance ceremonies a reminder to never forget

Thank you to those responsible for organizing and presenting at the 9/11 remembrance ceremonies in both Camas and Washougal.

I attended both and came away reminded how important it is to remember the tragic events of that day and to honor all those who lost their lives as a result of that terrible day.

I encourage our educators to teach our youth about the events of that day so it will never be forgotten.

Mike McCrary,


Vote Cox, McEnry for Camas School Board

I am writing to express my support of Corey McEnry and Erika Cox for reelection to the Camas School Board.

I have three children currently in Camas schools and I have been very impressed with the education they have received and the community being fostered in their schools.

My admiration for the school board grew stronger in 2020, as my kids were supported and engaged during distance learning and never neglected or left to struggle alone. I felt the transition back to in person learning was handled safely using scientific evidence to guide the process, and this allowed us to feel comfortable instead of fearful of sending our kids back to in person learning. District staff, including Corey and Erika, made the best of a very difficult situation.

It was then very difficult watching them be berated at school board meetings by folks wanting them to lift mask mandates (as if they even have the power to do that) and to abandon inclusivity education. I was proud and further impressed by how Corey and Erika handled themselves with dignity and restraint and did not allow this behavior to derail meetings where they were making important decisions for all our children, not just the minority with the loudest voices.

The composure with which Corey and Erika handled themselves led me to want to learn more about them as candidates. I learned that Corey is a Camas High School graduate with strong family roots in Camas. He has been a public school teacher in Clark County schools for years and is committed to serving the needs of every student. He has invested in innovative curriculum and instructional methods to prepare students for lifelong success. My main reason for supporting him is that he is a forward thinker. Forward thinking allows us to anticipate needs before they become issues, to look at problems as opportunities instead of obstacles and to raise children better prepared for the realities of their futures.

I am supporting Erika Cox because of her extensive experience within Camas schools. She has 16 years of service to Camas schools including experience as a PTA president, membership on many district committees, including chairing the Citizens Advisory Committee and she also served as president of the Camas Educational Foundation. With all these years of experience she continues to maintain curiosity and believes in learning continually. I am also a believer that growth occurs through education and that there is always room to improve so I strongly support Erika and her philosophy as a board member.

Camas may be a smaller town but we can be a beacon of progress, inclusion, and innovation which is why I support Corey and Erika for reelection to the Camas School Board.

Through education we create strength.

Danacia Jones,


Vote Steve Hogan for Camas mayor

Experience matters. It’s not just a slogan — it’s a way of life for Steve Hogan, who deserves your vote for mayor of Camas. Hogan has experience not only in city government, but in senior management in business, and as an active member of our community. A vote for Steve Hogan for Camas Mayor is a vote for experience — because experience does matter.

Joe Walsh,