Letters to the Editor for April 21, 2022

Camas must have better enforcement for illegal signs

“Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind.”

And so the song goes.

Everywhere I look in Camas there are illegally posted signs.

I’d like to thank Kraig Anspach (code enforcement officer) for the effort he has put into fighting the scourge, but to beautify our city a concerted effort is going to be needed.

The rules are clear. Among them, there are supposed to be no commercial signs posted on city property, which includes rights-of-way.

Recently, I’ve seen a rash of signs being zip-tied to our traffic signs besides the usual illegally posted signs stuck in the dirt.

Enforcement of the existing rules is a start, but enforcement with teeth is a stronger option. Many cities and towns have immediate fines, no warnings, attached to illegal signage and their problem is non-existent.

Also, political signage needs to be candidate specific and limited to 45 to 60 days before a specific political event. Issue signs should be disallowed. There is signage that comes out every election espousing an issue and the poster considers it an election sign because it has a note to “vote.” Without a specific candidate, it’s an issue sign.

There’s much more that can be done so that our roads and parks aren’t inundated with signs erected by people running their businesses from the property that the taxpayers pay for. That’s the taxpayer’s property and it’s no different than someone putting a sign in your front yard shilling goods and services.

I’m writing this letter and my next step is to contact the mayor, Steve Hogan, (shogan@cityofcamas.us). If enough people email him with their thoughts on removing signage, I’m sure he will act.

Let’s uncover the natural beauty of Camas.

Daniel Blore,