Camas launches ‘adopt-a-bench’ program in historic downtown

The Downtown Camas Association (DCA), in collaboration with the city of Camas, is launching an “adopt-a-bench” program to help replace benches in the city’s historic downtown.

The DCA recently noted that many benches in downtown Camas are more than 20 years old and are broken or in disrepair.

“Replacing the benches will continue to improve the quality of the experience in downtown and the adopt-a-bench program allows you to commemorate family, friends or special events by adopting one of the new benches in the downtown district through a tax-deductible contribution to the DCA,” the DCA stated in its news release about the new program.

The bench adoption costs $3,000 and is renewable after 15 years. The donation will include the placement of a new bench and plaque engraved with a personalized inscription. Those who “adopt” a new bench will be able to collaborate with the DCA on their bench’s placement in the city’s downtown shopping and dining district.

“We are excited to have new, quality benches in downtown Camas,” Caroline Mercury, chair of the DCA’s design committee, stated in the news release. “Refreshing the existing bench sites and adding more, will enrich the welcoming vibe and function of downtown. This is an opportunity for citizens to participate in their community by adopting a bench that creates an inviting, accessible place to linger and enjoy the downtown district. We’re hoping that being able to support downtown and add your own personalized touch will be meaningful to the community.”

Mercury thanked the city of Camas as well as Columbia Cascade “for being strong partners in this effort.”

Downtown Camas currently has 17 benches that need to be replaced, and the DCA has committed funds to place three new benches at new locations in the city’s downtown. The benches will be made in a Craftsman style sourced by local manufacturer Columbia Cascade.

For more information about the new, adopt-a-bench program, visit