Letters to the Editor for Aug. 25, 2022

CSD, parents should have same goal regarding racial slurs

The Camas teens who shouted racial slurs at opposing team players have been called on their behavior. It was public behavior, so the conversation about it has to be public as well.

What they did is not okay, and our community standards are clear on that.

The school and the parents should both have the same goal: to help these young people grow into good human beings and good citizens.

J.H. Batten,



Camas Boy Scout questions possible graffiti solutions

I am a Life Scout with BSA Troop 562 which is locally based here in Camas.

As a requirement for a crucial merit badge I am required to write a letter to the editor of the local newspaper and express my opinion regarding an issue or subject.

Over the last few months, I have personally seen many instances of graffiti appearing in places I had never seen it present before, but I didn’t really pay too much attention. So, I was surprised when I read your newspaper’s online article on July 14th by Doug Flanagan on this subject. I had seen an increase of graffiti, but I had no idea instances of this form of vandalism had almost tripled in the last few years in the Washougal area.

This stayed in my mind over the course of the next two weeks. Then I read the article you authored about Camas’ efforts to attract new police officers via monetary incentives, and another article by Doug Flanagan about Washougal getting one million dollars in federal funding.

While reading your own article I recalled Mr. Flanagan’s previous one and I had an idea. If Camas’ efforts succeed with more officers getting added to the police force and Washougal receives federal funding for things like improvements to the wastewater plant or body cameras, do you think there would be a noticeable decrease in the reported amount of graffiti present in the combined Camas/Washougal area?

In my humble opinion that would be an interesting story for your newspaper to follow and then release to the public.

Michael R. Schumann, Boy Scout Troop 562,