Letters to the Editor for Jan. 27, 2022

Councilors must reject ordinance to eliminate COVID mitigations

On Feb. 1, the Clark County Council will be holding a public hearing regarding passing an ordinance that threatens the health of all people by eliminating COVID-19 mitigation measures that safeguard our community from the spread of this deadly virus.

The ordinance is written in a way that overstates the mediation measures that protect all of us as “discriminatory” and that citizens are being “coerced” to comply.

I am frustrated that a group of people want to politicize and weaponize a serious public health issue. To advocate for individual rights is an American thing to do, however, with those rights comes responsibility to do our part for the greater good. There is nothing discriminatory or coercive about cooperating with each other to address a public health crisis.

Please let your Clark County councilors know that they need to do the right thing for our community and reject this initiative

Julia Berreth,