Letters to the Editor for July 21, 2022

Vote Steinke for Clark County PUD

Vote for Don Steinke for Clark PUD As PUD Commissioner, Don Steinke will work to maintain low rates and great customer satisfaction.

Steinke will also explore options to make broadband more affordable.

The clean energy transition will create millions of jobs and opportunities for small businesses nationwide and that could happen here, if Clark Public Utilities gets on board. Let’s not be left behind.

No one is better qualified to serve as a PUD commissioner during this time of change. Vote Don Steinke for low rates, economic vitality, and great service.

Kristin Edmark,

Battle Ground

Vote Steinke jobs, renewable and affordable energy

Low utility rates; clean, efficient, abundant energy; and job growth. Some people will tell you they’re mutually exclusive. Don’t believe them. Don Steinke, running as District 2 Commissioner for Clark PUD, has deep knowledge to bring these together. He advocates renovating infrastructure via smart grids and reducing power demand with solar panels to lower rates. Amazon, Walmart and others have committed to large electric truck fleets. Don has a plan to provide local plug-in power. This will create union jobs: electricians, HVAC installers, pipefitters, excavators, plumbers and linemen.

For jobs, renewable, affordable energy and clean air, please vote for Don Steinke.

Gary Seeman,