Letters to the Editor for Nov. 8, 2022

Why I’m voting Gluesenkamp Perez for WA’s 3rd Congressional District

MAGA authoritarians use fear to trick us into preserving power for corrupt billionaires. They want to take away our right to make decisions about our healthcare, so that they can keep women subservient and make it harder for working people to get ahead. They want to isolate us from the global community, so that the oligarchs in Russia and Saudi Arabia can murder with impunity. They want to abolish social security, so that they can give tax breaks and handouts to their corporate cronies. They want to make sure only the “right” people can vote, so that our voices don’t matter.

Marie Gluesenkamp Perez will stand up for our freedoms and fight to solve the real issues we face – addressing inflation, bringing good jobs back to the US, protecting healthcare and social security, and creating safe communities by providing funding and training for police and other safety officials. Joe Kent’s anti-democratic, anti-Ukraine, anti-law enforcement, pro-authoritarian stance will enable the worst elements to take control of our future. Marie is a real Washingtonian and will work on down to earth, realistic and practical approaches to the issues we face.


Brett Landry



No more ‘us versus them’ this election

As we come to our 2022 mid-term election, we are facing vexing challenges — COVID-19, illegal immigration, homelessness, inflation, war, etc. Underpinning it all, many of our politicians and one of our political parties purposefully foment anger, fear, and divisiveness in pursuit of getting re-elected.  I am a resolute believer in the benefits two strong political parties bring to America’s democracy.  At this time, however, our country needs us to be courageous, telling our representative politicians, “no more Us vs Them, ours is a WE nation.”

To show the Republican party that election denial and extreme candidates are unelectable, bravely vote for Democrats. They won’t destroy the country, and in a couple of years, we have the chance to vote them out. In the meantime, we’ll show both parties that extreme candidates are unacceptable and hopefully force the nomination of more moderate candidates in the future.

Mark T. Haller,



Exercise your right to vote

Our Nov. 8, local election is high stakes. The candidates running to represent us in Washington DC, Marie Perez and Joe Kent, couldn’t be more different.

Perez is a small business owner with deep roots in SW Washington.

Kent recently moved to our area from Portland so he could run for office.

Perez is a moderate concerned with healthcare costs, women’s rights, fair elections, and inflation.

Kent wants to defund the Department of Education, and significantly “change” Social Security.

Perez believes transparent government is vital and overturning Citizen’s United (which allows corporations and billionaires dark money into campaigns) is key.

Kent believes the 2020 election was stolen, the government created COVID, and violent white supremacists are patriots.

Perez is not connected to any D.C. politicians.

Kent is a Trump loyalist who says and does whatever he is told.

Vote for Perez — sensible U.S. House Representative for SW Washington.


Anne Haller,



Gluesenkamp Perez is the right choice for Congress

Marie Gluesenkamp Perez is our candidate for Congress. She clearly represents the needs and wants of the individuals in our district.  She stands for increased support for a strong public educational system, increased job opportunities,and health care for all of our residents.

Her opponent, on the other hand, wants to gut all of these things. With Marie, we will be taking a bold step forward into our future, as opposed to a step backward. as we will if we choose to vote for Marie’s opponent. With Marie we vote for our future and that of our children.

Lynne and Michael Treat,

Chehalis, Washington


Don Steinke an ‘excellent choice’ for PUD Commission

Lately we have been experiencing one climate emergency after another and the question of a livable future has become a nagging concern.

We know the faster we move to renewable forms of energy, the better our chances for mitigating climate change.  Clark PUD gets about 30% of our energy from fossil fuels — the River Road Generating Plant, the 8th largest polluter in Washington.  Don Steinke is running for PUD commissioner.  As a retired science teacher, he understands the complex problems facing us as we transition to more renewables and less fossil fuel.  Don is deeply committed to the quality of life in Clark County and to mitigating the problems of climate change — an excellent choice for PUD commissioner.

Diana Gordon,