Letters to the Editor for Oct. 20, 2022

Congressional candidate Joe Kent is no cowboy; vote Perez instead

“My heroes have always been cowboys.” This line from one of my favorite country songs rings in my ears every time I hear the harsh campaign talk from political candidates like Joe Kent.

I wasn’t too religious growing up, but I sure did like those cowboy TV shows. They taught me a bit about right and wrong and the difference between bad guys and good guys. The Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers and Hop-A-Long Cassidy surely didn’t hang out with the likes of white nationalists, Proud Boys and Capital rioters like Congressional candidate Joe Kent has.

They also treated their women-folk respectfully and didn’t demonize them when they stood up to protect their own bodies.

None of my heroes called for getting rid of the Texas Rangers who protected the whole state but Joe wants us to get rid of the FBI, which protects the whole country.

My cinema cowboys weren’t liars either. They weren’t mean-spirited or looking for revenge, but they did believe in the law and that all who broke it should be brought to justice.

Sure wish we still had some of those cowboys to look out for us today. We might just have to settle for a cowgirl, or perhaps a country girl like Marie Gluesenkamp Perez would do.

Gene Hering,