Letters to the Editor: July 20, 2023

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Skamania PUD ratepayers’ votes are power

Skamania County residents: Are you unhappy with your utility bill? Do you feel you are being fleeced? Well, you are not alone. Do you want PUD commissioners who actually represent you in your best interests? Your vote for the PUD Commission determines this.

Here in Skamania County, all three Skamania PUD commissioners have been voting to raise rates and fees since 2019. They continue to approve each expense voucher packet bi-weekly. I am talking about PUD Commissioners Liz Green, Dan Boyes and Dave McKenzie.

The only known exception to this was the advanced meters (AMI Smart-Meters) purchase Boyes voted against. Boyes has, on multiple occasions, told ratepayers he wants them to hate him. After verbally challenging his fellow PUD commissioners, Boyes always votes the way they want him to, with few exceptions.

Commissioner McKenzie appears to have become a spokesperson for billionaires. He is a “yes man” for private organizations and campaigns, and primarily advocates for AMI smart-meters and nuclear for Energy Northwest (ENW) and Washington Public Utility Association (WPUDA). Both ENW and WPUDA collect public-fund handouts, but the WPUDA will not allow the public to attend their meetings without an invitation.

Then there is PUD Commissioner Green who is also a guaranteed “yes” to spend more or even to take money away from ratepayers. When Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) had a windfall with $2 million they wanted to go back to ratepayers, Green prevented that $2 million from going to ratepayers. She wrote a letter to BPA forwarded by PUD’s finance officer to forward to BPA. The result is Skamania PUD (SPUD) took the funds for its project “honey bucket.”

Much like COVID-19 funds, SPUD kept the money and did not pass it down to ratepayers in need. In fact, during the state’s COVID-19 emergency proclamation, SPUD did cut power, going against the state’s intentions.

In a nutshell, we are seeking new Skamania PUD commissioners who will uphold their oath and advocate the intentions of PUD laws.

For more information, feel free to contact the Skamania County Conservation Council at, or call the whistleblowers’ hotline at 509-637-3720, or share your concerns publicly on the Facebook group: “Electricity is Not a Luxury, It’s a Necessity.”

Melody Steele,


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