Letters to the Editor: Oct. 19, 2023

Former Camas city administrator is voting Carter, Nohr, Svilarich for Camas City Council

For Camas City Council, I will vote for three persons: Bonnie Carter, John Nohr and John Svilarich.

In an important way; they are similar and also different.

The three candidates for positions on the Council are similar in their sustained community involvement. Key experiences with community leadership strengthen them with skills and depth.

Camas City Council member John Nohr has worked, achieved and advanced in the community as a fire service leader. He knows a lot.

Camas City Council member Bonnie Carter has been actively and positively engaged with many, many school related committees and activities for years. This sustained volunteer work has connected her with very large numbers of Camas residents. She is well-known and liked.

Camas City Council at-large candidate John Svilarich has been elected and re-elected to leadership in his large homeowner’s association. Some say this is a “thankless job.” Perhaps. Surely his neighborhood benefits from John’s steady service. John, from Deer Creek, has grit.

The common thread through these three “paths” is sustained community involvement. It builds skills, character and patience. All are helpful in the real work of good local government. The differences — between schools, fire district and neighborhood association engagements — are an added strength.

Please join me in voting for these three experienced, community minded candidates for the Camas City Council.

Lloyd Halverson,



Former Camas mayor Nan Henriksen urges Hogan’s re-election

Wake up citizens of Camas! Your city is important. Your choice of mayor is important. And your vote is important.

Doing the strong-mayor job well nearly killed me 35 years ago when the population was about 6,000 and laws were much less complex. Camas still has a strong-mayor form of government while its population and complexity have increased fourfold.

Under our strong-mayor form of government, the mayor is the CEO with incredible power and responsibilities that require strong managerial experience and people skills. In this situation, experience really does matter.

In the past two years, Steve has done an excellent job of righting the administrative ship at City Hall. He’s also been working towards a more open, citizen-friendly and inclusive government.

Now, Steve and his administrative team are set to move forward for a thriving community that remains safe, well-planned, livable and beautiful. Please join me in re-electing Steve Hogan.

Nan Henriksen,



Vote Dabasinskas for Camas City Council

I agree with Camas City Councilors Leslie Lewallen and Jennifer Senescu in endorsing Stephen Dabasinskas for the Camas City Council’s at-large position.

Among other qualifications, he will bring much-needed fiscal expertise to our city’s budget. For example, I have heard Stephen speak at a City Council meeting expressing concerns about the excessive use of high-priced consultants by the City. A recent instance of this kind of largess was reported in The Post-Record a few days ago. Just last week the City Council was “set to approve a $479,000 consultant contract with the Seattle-based Johnston Architects to help ‘refresh and reimagine’ the Camas Public Library.” Councilor Senescu voiced strong opposition, stating “…I don’t feel that we need consultants … to tell us what flooring and furniture to put in.”

We need the expertise and attitude of Stephen Dabasinskas to help make wiser use of taxpayer funds. With his background as a private business consultant and instructor of budgeting and finance for the U.S. Department of Defense he is amply qualified.

Furthermore, he has helped draft legislation for the California Attorney General, and worked in law enforcement as a patrol officer and detective, as well as Task Force Commander for a narcotics task force in California. We cannot take public safety for granted.

Stephen Dabasinskas has the wide background and deep professional qualifications that make him an exceptional addition to the Camas City Council.

Douglas Tweet,



Re-elect Steve Hogan

Two years ago, The Post-Record reported that the city of Camas Equity Advisory Committee was set to focus on “safety, representation, small-town feel and opportunities.” I strongly believe without the right leadership, this goal would have fallen by the wayside. However, since Steve Hogan was elected our mayor, I see all four of these things actually happening.

My family and I feel safe hiking, biking, kayaking, shopping and dining around our city. Our family feels safe in our neighborhood living close to Steve’s family, where our street is often filled with his grandkids and our other neighborhood kids playing and laughing.

I feel represented in our community, which has minority representation in city staff, boards, commissions and committees.

Our city has a small town feel with many opportunities for people to participate in diverse programs and inclusive events at our library. The city also has recreational and cultural programs that provide a welcoming environment to bring people of different age groups and cultural backgrounds together.

Please join me in voting for Steve Hogan, so he can continue to serve the important job as our city’s CEO to keep our city safe, beautiful and livable for all.

Jenny Wu



Former councilman urges voters to support Carter, Nohr for Camas Council

It’s not easy being a city council member.

After 25 years as a Camas Council member, I’ve learned a few things:

• Serving our community can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

• A great Council Member values and respects all citizens. We all have different opinions – but somewhere there is consensus on how to move forward.

• The learning curve is quite steep. Unless you’ve done the job before, most new members have no idea how to do the job. Each Council Member must learn their role, Federal and State regulations, and required processes.

• Very few decisions are “easy.” So many issues come to you after months of thoughtful conversations, researching details of the alternatives, and looking at budget impacts.

It takes a special person who puts in the time to analyze and absorb everything, listen to different viewpoints, and then make the best decision for everyone.

Over the next few years, Camas will be facing several important decisions that will or will not change the course of the city — the Lacamas Lake watershed, Camas-Washougal Fire Department, aging roads and buildings and budget constraints, to name a few.

I’ve worked closely with both Bonnie Carter and John Nohr and believe they are exceptional council members.

Please join me and vote for Bonnie and John for the continued betterment of our special place called Camas and “home.”

Greg Anderson,



DCA Board member supports Steve Hogan for Camas mayor

I’m writing to support Steve Hogan for the mayor of Camas.

As a Board member of the Downtown Camas Association, I have personally observed great progress in our work to enhance and promote downtown Camas in the last two years.

Under Steve’s leadership as mayor, the city has increased its financial support for several projects such as ADA sidewalk repair, lighting upgrades, tree management and preservation, new electrical connections for the farmer’s market and funding for a subarea plan.

Mayor Steve Hogan’s support is helping make downtown Camas a safer and more vibrant place for our citizens.

Randy Curtis,



Camas Council member urges voters to retain Mayor Hogan

I support Mayor Steve Hogan’s re-election based on 16 years as his colleague. 

First, I was Camas’ police chief when Steve joined the Camas City Council, and I witnessed his competence, leadership and passion for our city. 

After retiring as chief, I joined the City Council myself, and I got to know Steve as a respectful, caring and approachable person of action.

These qualities make Steve an excellent mayor, and he’s earned our support for another four years.  

Please join me in voting to re-elect Steve Hogan as Camas mayor.

Don Chaney



Former Camas mayor supports Steve Hogan

In my decade on the Camas City Council and seven years as Camas’ mayor, I can tell you that leading the city of Camas requires more than just passion and commitment. In a word, the role of Camas mayor requires vision — a clear path forward, informed by residents, partners (e.g., community groups and local, regional, and federal agencies), and resources (e.g., funding, finances, and programs). Steve Hogan not only has a vision for our community, he has the experience, know-how and relationships to make it a reality. 

In my 20 years of knowing Steve as a colleague, councilor and community member, time and time again, I’ve witnessed Steve listening to others, gathering data, researching options and using past lessons to keep Camas moving in a positive direction. 

I believe his intentional, long-term vision for Camas will enable our families, businesses, neighbors and youth to continue thriving in our safe, liveable and beautiful city for generations to come. 

Please join me in re-electing Steve Hogan for Camas mayor this election season.

Scott Higgins, 



Re-elect Camas Mayor Steve Hogan for positive leadership

In today’s political climate, positive leadership holds immense importance. It’s the cornerstone of a flourishing community. Mayor Hogan’s positive leadership has set the tone for engagement and growth built on transparency, collaboration, and accountability. As a result, Camas is thriving. We’re delighted to live in one of the top-ranked U.S. cities for safety and livability.

As voters who have grown fatigued by negative messaging and misinformation, we applaud Mayor Hogan’s clean campaign. It mirrors the way he governs—with integrity and optimism. 

Let’s support positive leadership by re-electing Mayor Steve Hogan. 

Don and Cari Harris,



Former city councilman endorses Camas Mayor Steve Hogan

What qualities should a mayor have?

I believe a great mayor values and respects all citizens, develops partnerships, and above all listens. As Camas’ CEO, the mayor should have the knowledge and experience to oversee city operations, foster a positive workplace environment and ensure fiscal accountability.

Having known Steve Hogan for 18 years (16 years as a fellow council member and two years as mayor), I can attest to his unwavering dedication to our community and his outstanding leadership qualities.

In addition, Steve has over 40 years’ extensive business management experience from day-to-day operations to managing complex budgets. His collaborative approach to problem solving makes him an ideal mayor.

I wholeheartedly support Steve Hogan’s re-election for mayor of Camas. He will ensure Camas is a thriving community for everyone.


Greg Anderson,



Camas Mayor Steve Hogan has patience needed to help lakes

The Lacamas Lake study released and reported on in The Post-Record last week is an important milestone for moving forward on restoring this precious resource.

There are some candidates for city office demanding that the City “do something” about the lakes. They don’t have the patience to wait for the scientists to do the hard work of determining where and how the pollution is occurring.

The truth is, environmental cleanup is hard work, and it’s only effective if we understand the science behind the problem. That takes extensive study–which means, unfortunately, time and money. That’s not popular, but it’s the responsible approach.

True leadership sometimes means not bowing to populist slogans and impatient demands to “act now.” 

Our current mayor, Steve Hogan, understands that. It’s why he’s been working on this problem for several years, even before he became mayor. 

It’s one of many reasons why I support Steve Hogan for re-election as Camas mayor.

Gary Corbin,



Withdrawal from League of Women Voters forum ‘concerning’

I’m deeply concerned about the Camas City Council election. 

Incumbent John Nohr’s sudden withdrawal from the League of Women Voters candidate forum, citing a work conflict, deprives voters of vital information. 

What’s more concerning is the League’s refusal to allow Nohr’s opponent, candidate Gary Perman, to speak. This denies the public a chance to hear both sides. 

Is Nohr’s withdrawal an attempt to evade questions? Every candidate should face scrutiny. It’s a disservice to voters and democracy itself. Fairness demands that all candidates be heard.

Kris Greene, 



Re-elect Camas Mayor Steve Hogan  

Please join us in voting for Steve Hogan to continue as mayor of Camas.

Steve has used his experience in city government to renew and energize our city resources and to set them back on track to support and realize the vision that made Camas such a desirable and livable community.

We know Steve Hogan as a capable manager with impeccable ethics and concern for all.  For the past 27 years we have seen his dedication and tireless contributions towards the betterment of our city.

Bruce and Donna Whitefield,



Camas dog mayor gives thanks to All Paws on Deck organizers, mayor

I am a 4-year-old Labradoodle who was recently elected new “dog mayor” of Camas. 

I would like to thank the Camas High School DECA team for all their hard work and extreme dedication. They successfully organized and held a fundraiser called “All Paws On Deck,” for my friends at the West Columbia Gorge Humane Society, and raised over $12,000. 

I would also like to thank Camas Mayor Steve Hogan and his team for presenting me with a peanut butter treat “key” to the City. It was very delicious, and I look forward to serving a term with Mayor Hogan as we represent humans and dogs of Camas.

Susan Greif and Camas Dog Mayor Archie,



Proposed adventure park ‘unwanted, unwelcome’

As the Camas Post recently reported, an “adventure park” has been proposed to be built on 150 acres on Canyon Creek Road north of Washougal, just over the Skamania-Clark County Line. Primary access to this park would be via state Route 14 and Washougal River Road, making this development a huge issue for the city of Washougal and the hundreds of residents living off Washougal River Road.

In addition to the unwanted and increased traffic issues, this park would bring a litany of other issues to the region including environmental damage, deforestation, harm to local wildlife and negatively impacting the quality of life for all residents in the region.

Local residents from Clark and Skamania counties have been resounding in their disapproval of this proposal and the lack of transparency by the developer and his refusal to meet with local residents to discuss and address their concerns. 

This park is unwanted, unneeded and unwelcome.

Richard Rogers,