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Washougal summer school expands

Washougal School Board resumes in-person meetings

The Washougal School Board resumed in-person meetings this month for the first time since a May 25 school board meeting ended in disruption and police citations against three community members.

Registration open for Washougal preschool programs

Washington K-12 schools will require students, staff to wear masks this fall

As they head into a third school year impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, students and staff will need to mask up and continue to follow other COVID safety precautions this fall.

Teachers’ union names new president

James Bennett took on a new but familiar role during the 2020-21 school year.

Washougal School District plans $52 million budget

Washougal School District plans $52 million budget

‘An amazingly dedicated, innovative educator’

Brenda Hitchins challenges her Washougal High School culinary students to succeed, but also to not fear failure. If they accidentally crack an egg and break a yoke, for example, she’ll remind them that eggs are cheap and easily accessible, and encourage them to try again.

Graduations, pandemic style: ‘We’ve gone through a lot, more than most graduating classes’

One year after the COVID-19 pandemic forced local school districts to reimagine high school graduation ceremonies, seniors from Camas, Hayes Freedom and Washougal high schools’ class of 2021 gathered for in-person commencement ceremonies.

Washougal grads reflect on facing, defeating challenges

Earlier this year, Washougal High School Principal Sheree Clark asked Ethan Mills, the school’s Associated Student Body president, to deliver some “inspiring life advice” to his fellow seniors at the school’s graduation ceremony. Recognizing the challenge in front of him Mills laced his reply with a hint of good-natured sarcasm.

Washougal High student body president called ‘right leader at right time’

Kyla Ritchey was a bit surprised when Ethan Mills expressed an interest in running for Washougal High School’s Associated Student Body (ASB) president position in February 2020.