Let’s talk about the ‘S’ word: Stress

Before you can manage stress, it is essential to understand what it is. To put it simply, stress is how your brain and body respond to strain, tension or a demand. Some people experience acute stress, while others experience chronic stress. Acute stress is generally a brief stress response to an event, while chronic stress is prolonged exposure to stress.

U.S. must refocus the climate debate, find practical solutions

Debating whether it was wrong for President Trump to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord negotiations is never-ending. Both sides will find ample evidence to claim the accords are good or bad for America; however, the rhetoric can’t obfuscate our ongoing work to reduce greenhouse gases.

Bring all the bees to your yard with these pollinator-friendly garden tips

What’s all the fuss about pollinators? For one thing, we depend on pollinators for the majority of the crops we eat. And at least 80 percent of all plant life depends on pollination for reproduction. And more pollination makes for better fruit set and quality, in addition to increasing fruit size, resulting in more productive farms and gardens.

Vick: State legislators should not compromise just to end session

We cannot allow Trump kleptocracy to continue

The Trump budget — pure profit for Pentagon corporate contractors. The Trump tax “reform” — massive tax cuts for the rich. Really? We are going to stand for this?

Depression does not discriminate

Where are the protests over nuclear war threats?

Why is there so little popular protest against today’s threats of nuclear war?

Friends enhances community

Twenty-one years ago my wife Teresa and I bought a log home on the Washougal River in western Skamania County, Washington — a place where salmon and steelhead move up the river; deer, coyote and otters play along the banks; and heron and eagles use the river flyway to hunt and the trees to nest in. With the breathtaking beauty of the West End of the Columbia River Gorge only a few short miles from our doorstep, we truly feel we live in a rural paradise — a wild, special and sacred place.

Lessons learned from demise of aluminum Industry

Driving east along SR 14 these days, you see water pouring out of Columbia River dams. It is already a high water year with much of the runoff from our heavy mountain snowpack yet to come.

On transportation issues, we need visionary, forward-thinking solutions

Recently, I held a town hall meeting to discuss future transportation solutions. More than 150 citizens attended to hear about creative ideas presented by the private sector. From that outreach and dozens of meetings with business leaders and citizens, several important points have become apparent as we look to solve our local transportation crisis.