Donald Trump and the ethanol mandate

President-elect Donald Trump cruised to victory promising to get rid of the mandate to buy health insurance. While he’s at it, how about getting rid of the mandate to buy ethanol?

Distracted driving laws should be tougher

Initial legislation governing the use of hand-held cell phones while driving was first enacted in Washington in 2007.

Million wreaths across America

Christmas is a difficult time for anyone grieving for lost loved ones. It is especially painful for America’s military families whose son, daughter, spouse or parent was killed while serving in uniform.

Development agreement approvals raise questions

Question: How do we best control growth and create neighborhoods we all want to live in?

Removing Snake River dams is unwise

There are dams that should come down and those that shouldn’t.

Putting Americans back to work is job one

The message is clear. President-elect Donald Trump’s “Job One” is to put people back to work.

Despite our turmoil, Americans are blessed

For some, Thanksgiving is a time to gather with family and friends and give thanks for the blessings we enjoy. For others, it’s a time to volunteer at soup kitchens to help the less fortunate. For still others, it’s simply a chance to eat a huge meal and watch football.

Remembering the OWL party

In 1976, the OWL Party brought something into Washington State’s political arena that was usually lacking, and that was humor.

IRS strikes Olympic gold

Guess who was among the first to welcome our Olympic athletes back home from Rio? None other than the IRS.

Give ‘Camougle’ a chance

Groups of young people have been roaming downtown Camas recently. Washougal too. They’re looking up and down, and all around. They’re playing the new rage “Pokemon Go,” “augmenting reality” by phone; the objective is to catch the most creatures.