A holistic approach

Jeff Olson and Holly Toelke provide services to relieve chronic and acute pain using acupuncture and massage

The practitioners at Washougal Acupuncture & Massage want to help people overcome injuries and illnesses.

Jeff Olson, owner of the practice, is a licensed acupuncturist with a master’s degree in traditional Chinese medicine from Yo San University in Los Angeles. He began his professional practice in Portland in 2005, and he has worked with chiropractors, naturopaths and massage therapists.

Holly Toelke, a licensed massage therapist, trained at Health Works Institute in Montana.

Olson provides acupuncture with needles, as well as electrical stimulation of trigger points, to relieve chronic and acute pain.

He said acupuncture recharges the body’s natural healing ability, by increasing circulation to injured areas and regulating imbalanced organ systems.

Olson enjoys the interaction with patients and sharing the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine.

“People get it and apply it to their lives,” he said. “They start to understand why they are not feeling well.

“A holistic approach to healing means seeing any given symptom as the outward manifestation of an underlying imbalance,” Olson added. “It means treating the underlying cause, not just the symptoms.”

Olson offers “cupping,” a technique that recently received a lot of attention because of its use on Olympic gold medal winning swimmer Michael Phelps.

Olson said cupping with air is a myofascial release technique that helps remodel injured, scarred, or tight connective tissue.

“This improves circulation and range-of-motion, so painful areas can heal quicker,” he said.

Toelke’s specialties include myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, Swedish and sports massage and Reiki.

Ashiatsu — barefoot massage — will be available, starting in October.

Toelke said massage can be a part of healing for neck or back tension, shoulder pain, injury related conditions or simply a means to unwind and relax.

Herbs and supplements are available to purchase by people who have symptoms related to allergies, gastrointestinal pain, depression, anxiety, immune system deficiencies, auto-immune disorders, PMS, menopause and musculo-skeletal conditions.

Each Friday, Washougal Acupuncture & Massage donates 5 percent of its profits to a local agency or service. The current recipient is Refuel Fridays, a coalition of community members who provide complimentary dinners Fridays, from 4 to 6 p.m., in the Washougal Community Center, 1681 “C” St.

Washougal Acupuncture & Massage is located at 1436 “A” St., Ste. 105. For more information, call 207-0134, email hello@washougalacupunctureandmassage.com or visit www.washougalacupunctureandmassage.com.