The fading miracle of migration

For the past few weeks, dozens of turkey vultures have been circling on thermals over my house in Oregon, preparing to soar away south into California. Not long ago, I saw a late monarch butterfly passing high overhead, its orange wings incandescent against the blue sky.

Conservative rule impacts lifespan

Although, in recent decades, American conservatives have embraced what they call the “Right to Life,” they have certainly done a poor job of sustaining life in the United States. That’s the conclusion that can be drawn from a just-published scientific study, “U.S. state policy contexts and mortality of working-age adults.”

Hats off to a determined woman

Elouise Cobell Day will be celebrated on Nov. 5, in Montana, but many people in the West may not recognize her name.

Europe’s far-right lurch

The struggle to save democracy is proving even more difficult in Europe than here in the US. Virtually every European country is bedeviled by rising conflict between traditional political parties on one side and far-right, sometimes neo-fascist parties on the other.

Can Russia’s use of a nuclear weapon in the Ukraine war be prevented?

President Joe Biden surprised his top advisers along with everyone else when, at a fundraising event, he referred to “Armageddon” in the Ukraine war: Russia’s possible use of a nuclear weapon. Though United States officials were quick to stress that they knew of no imminent threat by Russia, Biden’s remark underscored recent reports suggesting deepening U.S. concern about what Putin might do as Russian forces retreat in eastern and southern Ukraine.

Are we willing to save world’s first modern democracy?

Show of hands: Who wants the United States to be a dictatorship?

After the deluge: the acceleration of the climate crisis

In 1988, climatologist James Hansen announced, “Global warming has arrived.”

Grandparents and grandchildren unite the world

I am a grandmother, and I have a dream that grandparents will work with their grandchildren to unite the world and build a better future.

Casting a discerning eye on political theater

The term “political theater” has taken on some pointedly negative connotations in recent days. When Florida Governor Ron DeSantis flew two planeloads of migrants from San Antonio, Texas to Martha’s Vineyard on September 14, critics condemned the action as “political theater.”

Building strong communities could be a team sport

I got to thinking about some of my small-town neighbors when I read that the Denver Broncos football team, which is just starting its new season, was sold for $4.6 billion.