Paying it backward

When Adam Ryan and Seth Bradshaw were looking for projects that would help them to earn the rank of Eagle Scout, scouting's highest honor, they went back in time.

It’s all about attitude

Harriet Walker believes senior citizens can do anything they want if they have something to do.

More than just horses

When Annmarie Ertolacci and her husband moved to Camas last year, they weren't the only ones who needed help navigating the new area.

‘Eyes and ears’ of the trails

You'll see them out on the local trails, picking up garbage, removing fallen tree branches, helping to fill in ruts and potholes, and doing whatever maintenance they can.

Beneficial bugs

When most people think of insects, they likely envision something harmful that needs to be eradicated, especially when gardening.

An outdoor laboratory

When Mona Davies heard a student question disbelievingly that there would be enough to do during three days of outdoor school, a lightbulb went off.

Moving mountains for myeloma

Climb benefitted cancer research

Bringing the ocean to school

Students at Dorothy Fox Elementary School had the opportunity to experience an aquarium without ever leaving their school.

Making products safer

Most everyone has dealt with this unfortunate scenario: You stagger to the kitchen, half-asleep, fumble for the necessary items to make coffee and hit "start," on the coffee maker.

Friendship, camaraderie and hugs

The experience of being on a team is something that many remember fondly about their high school years.