We know how to celebrate safely, but will we?

Anyone else caught between wanting to run away screaming and obsessively tuning in for the latest updates every time a new COVID-19 development happens?

Letters to the Editor for Dec. 2, 2021

Is congresswoman protecting wealth cheats?

Climate change, pandemic shows we’re all in this together

The less than ideal outcome of the latest climate talks in Scotland reminds us of an inconvenient truth: as yet there is no human authority on Earth powerful enough to enforce the preservation of the commons. Would any country seriously consider military invasion to stop Brazilian deforestation, up 22 percent from last year, or India’s continuing addiction to coal, or the U.S. auctioning off new leases for oil production in the Gulf of Mexico?

Remembering when a grassroots effort defied the odds 25 years ago

This year marks the 25th anniversary of one of the most spectacular conservation victories in recent history: the defeat of a massive gold mine planned for the doorstep of Yellowstone National Park.

Letters to Editor for Nov. 25, 2021

Allowing offensive ‘FJB’ sign in Camas roundabout could hurt local businesses

November Cheers & Jeers

In the spirit of giving thanks and feeling grateful this week, we’re taking a break from bad news and focusing on good-news-only in this month’s Cheers & Jeers column.

Telling the truth about the way we live now

Evonne lives in a fire lookout in Oregon, and since I meet with these graduate students on Zoom, we’ve all seen snippets of her life, including the dizzying moments when she leaps up to scan for fires while holding her tablet.

‘Build Back Better’ to support our veterans

As we pause today, on the national Veterans Day holiday, to honor all American veterans who have served this nation during times of war as well as peacetime, it is worth reflecting on how well we’re treating our veterans once they leave the military and re-enter civilian life.

The problem with vaccine mandates

I live near Middlefield, Ohio, the center of the fourth-largest Amish settlement in America. I regularly see the horse and buggy operations on the road. Who am I to tell these people that I know better about how they should live than they do? Very few Amish people are getting the COVID vaccine and Amish communities have experienced some of the state’s highest rates of infection and deaths, but they are living according to their faith and God’s will.

Why is U.S. military spending increasing to outlandish levels?

Although critics of the Biden administration’s Build Back Better plan to increase funding for United States education, healthcare, and action against climate catastrophe say the U.S. can’t afford it, there are no such qualms about ramping up funding for the U.S. military.