Inaction on climate change ensures bigger, more frequent wildfires

Poor Butte County, California, again on fire, its smoke choking the air of states miles away.

Lake cleanup will take time, money, policies to fight climate change

Camas lakes had a reprieve from toxic algae this summer, but the fact that the dangerous blooms have returned to Lacamas and Round lakes is not surprising.

Willing workers are right at the border

For more than a year, our country longed for the economy to restart. But now that businesses are once again open, employers find themselves wondering where all the workers have gone.

Did voters care more about party than community?

There are still ballots left to count, but, so far, voter turnout in Camas and Washougal for this week’s primary election is pretty abysmal.

Influence peddling threatens democracy

Modern-day democracy has numerous weaknesses, as we’ve been made well aware: policy differences that cannot be resolved, corruption, manipulation of voting and elections, and the refusal of one side to allow the other to pass legislation.

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 5, 2021

Washougal parent: Come to school board meetings, stand up for equity and anti-racism

Enjoy nature, but keep your hands off the rocks

Hikers are flooding our public lands, so I ask the question: Why can’t people just leave the poor rocks alone?

Letters to the Editor for July 29, 2021

Alicia King would be valuable asset to Camas City Council

Washougal voters: recognize red flags to avoid another scandal

On the surface, the Washougal mayoral primary election may not seem like that big of a deal.

Hard lessons from the border

The wall between the United States and Mexico has come to stand for desperation and suffering for many people. For most of us who live within 20 miles of this 452-mile wall, it’s also seen as a bizarre experiment: How much damage can ripple into the surrounding landscape from a wall that cuts a 60-foot swath through the natural world?