November 23, 2023

Making their way to America

As we prepare for the upcoming holidays, we must be grateful for what we have and focus on our needs rather than fixate on what we want and crave. Being thankful starts with an appreciation of why our families came to America in the first place and for our freedoms and opportunities.

November 16, 2023

Pulling thistles, sowing hope

For the past few years I’ve participated in “Thistle Thursdays,” targeting a popular trail near Jackson, Wyoming. The weekly weed party was organized in 2019 by Morgan Graham, wildlife habitat specialist with the Teton County Conservation District, and it attracts more volunteers each year — 16 of us in 2023.

November 16, 2023

Climate change report shows it’s all or nothing

A new report on the impacts of human-caused climate change across the United States shows current efforts to lower greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for climate change risks…

October 26, 2023

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 26, 2023

Check facts on Crown Park pool, North Shore, PFAS in water; be wary of ‘promises tossed out to gain your votes’ The Crown Park pool was closed five…

October 19, 2023

More than one way to create safe, healthy city

Over the next few weeks, elected Camas city officials will tackle the issue of what to do in the face of an unexpected — but not altogether unimagined — revenue shortfall.