Embracing change: saying hello, goodbye at The Post-Record

I recently introduced myself to a stranger and said the usual, “Hi. I’m the new editor at The Post-Record.” They asked how long I’d worked here.

Letters to the Editor for Sept. 21, 2017

Camas should skip survey, ban fireworks

Letters to the Editor for Sept. 14, 2017

Regarding John Ley’s plan to run for office

Embrace tolls and let us all breathe easier

Now that Oregon lawmakers have set the wheels in motion to fight traffic congestion between Portland and Vancouver with toll roads, certain vocal critics have gone on the warpath, admonishing Oregon for unfairly taxing Washington commuters who — they contend — already pay their fair share by contributing to Oregon’s income tax structure.

Mourn our Gorge, but then we must move forward and heal planet

For so many of us who call this area home, the magical Columbia River Gorge has long been a sort of sanctuary — the one place we can go when we need to shake off our miseries.

Letter to the Editor for Sept. 7, 2017

Happy reader urges Post-Record: ‘Keep printing facts’

Threatening nuclear war is deeply irrational, U.S. must pledge no first-use

Exposing mayor’s possibly criminal ‘private life’ isn’t politics, it’s journalism

There is a section within the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics that tells us: “Ethical journalism means taking responsibility for one’s work and explaining one’s decision to the public.”

Permanent Hirst fix and capital budget: Washington citizens deserve both

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 31, 2017

Where does our congresswoman stand on racism and equal rights?