Public works employees show commitment to the communities they serve

Public works employees show commitment to the communities they serve

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 12, 2017

Vote ‘yes’ for Camas schools

Donald Trump and the ethanol mandate

President-elect Donald Trump cruised to victory promising to get rid of the mandate to buy health insurance. While he’s at it, how about getting rid of the mandate to buy ethanol?

Distracted driving laws should be tougher

Initial legislation governing the use of hand-held cell phones while driving was first enacted in Washington in 2007.

Be festive, be safe

Letter to the Editor for Dec. 29, 2016

Friends of Crown Road calls for signatures

Million wreaths across America

Christmas is a difficult time for anyone grieving for lost loved ones. It is especially painful for America’s military families whose son, daughter, spouse or parent was killed while serving in uniform.

Neighbors helping neighbors

People helping people. Neighbors helping neighbors. Families helping families.

Second chances

Kathy Quinn, abused as a child, ran away from home when she was just 13 years old. Living on the streets of Los Angeles, she found herself placed in psychiatric ward after psychiatric ward where she says she was beaten and tortured.

Development agreement approvals raise questions

Question: How do we best control growth and create neighborhoods we all want to live in?