Removing Snake River dams is unwise

There are dams that should come down and those that shouldn’t.

Papermaker magic

It’s safe to say that Mayor Scott Higgins counts himself as one of the Camas High School Papermakers’ biggest fans.

Putting Americans back to work is job one

The message is clear. President-elect Donald Trump’s “Job One” is to put people back to work.

More than just a tree

For a local family, the massive noble fir that will be the centerpiece of the downtown Camas Hometown Holidays event on Friday night is more than just a tree.

Despite our turmoil, Americans are blessed

For some, Thanksgiving is a time to gather with family and friends and give thanks for the blessings we enjoy. For others, it’s a time to volunteer at soup kitchens to help the less fortunate. For still others, it’s simply a chance to eat a huge meal and watch football.

A chance to do something good

110,000 bags, 3,500 volunteers, 135 tons of food.

Letters to the Editor for Nov. 17, 2016

Protect Washougal’s assets from development

An art explosion

An art explosion

Believing in America

Believing in America

Hill’s is a good example to follow

American elections traditionally have been cantankerous. Some early political feuds were so bitter they were settled with pistols in duels---the most famous of which occurred between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton in 1804. Hamilton was killed.